Master your ball control and touch

Day 5 | 30-Day Challenge | Up your skill level with this drill. Don't give up after a couple. Push through! This figure of 8 drill works all parts of...

Increase your touches with toe taps

Day 4 | 30-Day Challenge | There's always the opportunity to increase the number of your touches! This is fundamental to football training. Make sure...

High Ball Control

Day 2 | 30-Day Challenge | Learn how to judge the distance, 'catch' and control the ball that comes down to you from a height.

How to Master Your Balance

30-Day Challenge | Day 1 | It's so important to master your balance, control and technique. This step-by-step football tutorial will show you how.

What Does Authentic Encouragement Look Like?

At IQ Football we’ve been asked whether parents can over encourage their child. To encourage your child is one of the best ways to raise their confidence,...

Meet Sean Szabo, Founder of IQ Football

Recognised as a leading brain-centred football coach in Gauteng, Sean Szabo is highly recommended by parents who want to assist their child’s motor...

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